Our Insights

We shape the digital realm, driving innovation through thought leadership, publications, podcasts, and media presence.

Setting trends, sharing expertise, and forging impactful collaboration, we are trailblazers of the deep digital economy.


Influence & Media

Bespoke strategies for AI-driven avatars, tokenized access, and VR & AR immersive experiences, enabling amplified engagement and monetization via digital-first brand building and marketing.

Real Estate & Smart Cities

Tokenization, blockchain, metaverse technologies and  data-driven IoT frameworks, with fractional ownership and liquidity, transforming urban landscape into digital and sustainable habitats. 

Automotive, SDVs & EVs

Design seamless, personalize and immersive in-vehicle experiences harnessing AI, VR/AR, and blockchain technologies along with digital twin representation in virtual worlds.

Health, Fitness & Well-Being​

Integrated and personalized health, fitness and well-being experiences leveraging VR/AR, AI tracking solutions and wearable tech focused on preventive health and fitness tracking.

Learning & Academia​

Develop, license and distribute curriculum for blockchain, metaverse, AR/VR technologies, aimed at personalized learning, and mass adoption and participation in the digital economy.

Financial Services

Design and application of programmable money, atomic swaps, instant remittance and tokenization of real world assets enabling efficient, secure, transparent and frictionless financial transactions.

Professional Services

Review and analysis of existing business models, geared towards automation of processes and workflows, and design and implementation of automatic optimization systems and controls.


Design high level framework for immersive and interactive experiences leveraging AI, blockchain, metaverse technologies, and advanced gamification for sustainable engagement.