Shambhala envisions to have a world connected as global citizenry where all people are fairly included in the enjoyment of life on Earth through ethics, collaboration and sustainability as defining principles.


Shambhala will create a digital ecosystem involving various stakeholders that will focus on the sustainability and workability of the world. 

With the UNSDGs as our guiding principles, we will create projects and divisions that will utilise the power of the digital asset ecosystem to empower people, places, and communities.

Whether it be creating a metaverse for the environmentally conscious, or a platform for the children in need, Shambhala aims to bridge the gap between sustainability and the digital asset ecosystem.

Shambhala’s first step in achieving our goals is Nepal. We intend to create a digital ecosystem with an immersive travel experience in Nepal, leveraging Nepal’s rich culture and adventurous nature reserves. Ours currently in talks with the Nepalese government and local stakeholders to making this vision a reality.


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