Our Verticals

Each division covers a crucial aspect of the digital ecosystem to ensure the long-term success of the companies and projects advised by us.


  • Review and provide critical and pivotal input on digitalisation strategies.
  • Craft highly nuanced and incisive tokenisation strategies for companies looking to utilise tokens as part of their digital ecosystem rollout.
  • Guiding token issuers on the regulatory and compliance landscape and in particular, future-proofing their business strategies by catering to the latest upcoming regulations.
  • Ethical and important introduction through the matching up of relevant ecosystem stakeholders to ensure clients attain maximum results for strategies undertaken.


  • It is our fundamental tenent that sustainability as a philosophy is a key undercurrent in the assignments we take on.
  • We actively promote a culture of “ESG/UNSDG” through the creation of a unique, first-of-a-kind narrative to invoke and initiate this culture within the ecosystems we operate within.
  • We actively promote thought-leadership in this area and we regularly take on assignments on a pro bono basis to ensure that deserving projects do not fail on account of funding.


  • To cultivate a strong culture of giving back, we look to invest in start-ups, projects and in founders who are willing to embrace the challenges and work ethics required to make a true difference in the projects they build.
  • We regularly work with other blockchain funds to facilitate the sharing of ideas and collaboration between various projects by getting key industry insights from experienced experts and aspiring creators alike.


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